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Are you ready for the technological revolution?

By Klaus Schwab, Feb 19 2015 It is time to stop looking backwards. In the years that followed the 2008 financial crisis, we spent a lot of time looking for ways to get back to the days of fast economic expansion. We were living in what I call a “post-crisis world”, certain that the challenges we […]

The 20 best countries for fast public wi-fi

By Lisa Eadicicco, Dec 18 2014 Rotten Wi-Fi, a testing service that evaluates public Wi-Fi networks based on speed and customer satisfaction, says it has found the 20 countries in the world that offer the best public Wi-Fi experience. The company says its user base has measured and evaluated the quality of public Wi-Fi hotspots in […]

A Speedy Wireless Protocol Is Coming to Many Gadgets

Wireless technology more than 10 times faster than the best Wi-Fi is coming to market in 2015. By Tom Simonite on January 15, 2015 Smartphones, tablets and PCs should appear this year that can send and receive data wirelessly more than 10 times faster than a Wi-Fi connection. As well as transferring videos and other […]

With 3D Printing, Medical Devices Are Cool Again

by Dr. Michael Patton Editor’s note: Dr. Michael Patton is co-founder and CEO of Texas-based Medical Innovation Labs. The recent and successful human implantation of a 3D-printed vertebra at Peking University in China captured the public’s imagination. I read the news (and its quick spread) as evidence that medical devices are, dare I say, cool again. I’ve […]